Toyama Ryu is based on the forms taught at the Toyama Military Academy prior to and during World War 2. The Toyama Ryu Iaido Kai was founded by Kiyoshi Morinaga. Morinaga Sensei entered the Toyama school in 1921, and graduated in 1922. In 1926, he became an instructor of kenjutsu and jukendo. In 1940, Morinaga became the chief instructor of kenjutsu. At this time, there were five kata estabilished by the previous instructors.

  1. Opponent in front: Gyaku Kessa-giri, Makko-giri.
  2. Opponent to right: Suihei-giri, Makko-giri.
  3. Oppenone to left: katate tsuki, Migi Kessa-giri
  4. Opponent to rear: Hidari kessa-giri, makko-giri
  5. Opponent near in front: Makko-giri, Morote-zuki

In 1941, Morinaga had added three kata and removed one, as described in a book on the use of the army sword and tameshigiri he published.

  1. Multiple opponents
  2. Opponent in front and back
  3. Opponents to right and left

In 1945, Morinaga retired from the army as a colonel.

In 1964, Morinaga moved to Kyotanabe where he started the Tanabe Kenyukai where he taught kendo to youths.

In 1976, He created the Toyama Iaido Shinkyo Kai, which became the Dai Nippon Toyama Ryu Iaido Kai in 1980, and is now the Toyama Ryu Iaido Kai.
Today, Toyama ryu is practiced by men and women of all ages, in Japan and the United States.

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